#PRESSrelease http://SportsHandicappers.us added to the 5 Star Plays™ by 5 Star Babes™ Free Football Picks & NFL Handicapping Network…

Sports Handicappers .US added to the 5 Star Plays™ by 5 Star Babes™ Free Football Picks & NFL Handicapping Network…

Las Vegas, Nevada for Immediate Release… #PRESSrelease

SportsHandicappers.us™  is now a part of the Privacy Lock family of football handicapper websites that will provide free sports picks against the spread for the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL in additional to College Football and NCAA Basketball selections. The one unique feature of 5 Star Plays using sites like SportsHandicappers.us™ is that it delivers a completely free sports pick weekly during the regular professional sports seasons, and no matter which of the 5 Star Plays™ satellite websites you visit, they will all have the weekly free video pick live streamed to its visitors for viewing on the specified day of the week. Right now 5 Star Plays™ is posting a free NFL video pick every Sunday during the 2014-2015 regular football season. You can join the 5 Star Plays™ by 5 Star Babes™ Newsletter to be notified when the weekly free pick is live and ready for viewing. In addition you’ll have access to special offers and discounts that are exclusive to newsletter subscribers. So it’s a WIN/WIN situation by receiving the newsletter, even if you decide not to become a paying customer at least you’ll have the notification setup for the weekly free sports picks. So check SportsHandicappers.us™   out today, you’ll be glad you did.

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Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: 775.583.5555

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Network Website:  http://SportsHandicappers.us

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