PROFESSIONAL! Virtual IT Assistant YEARLY Service …

YEARLY It Support by Genius Branding ONLY $999/year

OK due to constant request I’m now offering an affordable IT service for small business and personally owned websites looking to get off the ground.

Now BEFORE we go any further I’m going to start by SAVING YOU SOME $$$ as you move forward through the world of online marketing & promotion…

#1. Hiring a Web Developer or Design Firm?

So before you hire anyone, or let anyone else touch your website and I can’t stress this enough. Please evaluate their own companies website using Google Page Insights, this way you know IN ADVANCE what kind of company they are. Because? IF they can’t get THEIR own companies website to meet MINIMUM Google standards and user friendliness? How in the hell are they going to do it for you?  This is the fastest and easiest way to separate the “CONTENDERS” from the “PRETENDERS” right away in the web development industry.

#2. Hiring a MARKETING Firm or SEO Company?

Again make sure they can get at least some traffic to their own website FIRST.  Using Amazon’s ALEXA Web Ranking you can kind of gauge a sites traffic. You want to see a ranking at the UNDER 1,000,000 at the VERY LEAST when it comes to hiring a marketing service or seo service claiming they can increase your traffic numbers.

Take a look for yourself at the ranking for the page YOU ARE CURRENTLY on RIGHT NOW for Google Insights:

This is NOT  a magic trick, this is a LIVE, UNBIASED, Ranking by Google themselves….

And ALEXA only keeps traffic based on the websites root domain name so again here:

AGAIN no magic tricks here, this is ALEXA, owned by AMAZON…

So before you spend one penny on marketing you’re website should NOT show ANY red rankings what so ever. WHY? It’s simple if you’re speed is RED? you’re losing visitors before the site even loads. If your mobile ranking is RED? those on mobile devices & smaller tablets are going to be frustrated and leave. And if your DESKTOP ranking is RED? Well you need to fire your current IT or Web Person right now…lol Just kidding of course, well not really. But if you’re desktop number is RED, then you have real problems and the money you’re spending on marketing is going right out the window I assure you. You can equate it to leaving the FRONT DOOR open while your Air Conditioner is running. So STOP all online marketing spending until your website can actually take advantage of EVERYONE who visits your website. Don’t have $999 to spend on my expertise and knowledge? Then at the very least you should purchase a vCard Video site and use only that site for your online and print marketing moving forward. At least this way you know the site is ready to capture your visitors IMMEDIATELY!

I accept both BITCOIN & PAYPAL for this Yearly IT service. 

Before you say you can’t afford it… Understand what $999/year roughly equates to as a small business owner. It’s ONE bi-weekly paycheck really of a typical W4 employee at minimum wage, once you figure in workman’s comp, benefits, etc… and I will do more for your companies brand then most minimum wage employees will in an ENTIRE YEAR at 1/26th the price basically. Now if you have no employees, $999 understandably might be out of your price range. Which is why i have the ready-made vCard Video websites for you.

So what will you receive for $999/year?

Unlimited SKYPE and EMAIL access to me and my expertise. (I prefer SKYPE for quick questions and responses)

Have an issue with your website? I’m here to help!

Have an idea you want to run by me? I’m here to help!

Want to brand and start a new company online? I do it EVERYDAY, literally EVERYDAY I either launch or register a new domain name or I help a customer launch an idea…lol

Want to run some marketing ideas or slogans by me at 4am? I’m PROBABLY here to help!

Ideas, strategies, advice, seo, marketing, branding, slogans, etc…

I’m NOT in this for the money. I LOVE learning and expanding my knowledge so that I can hopefully help others achieve online success. Marketing, Branding, SEO, Social Networking, I’m reading and learning about it ALL on a daily basis 60-80 hours per week on average. As a YEARLY IT Customer you can NEVER bother me with your questions no matter how trivial or idiotic you might think they are, please don’t hesitate to ask. AND if I do NOT know the answer? I’ll do my BEST to find it out for you. So ASK, ASK, ASK away, it’s the only way we learn!!!

Basically my goal is to HELP you achieve online success, that’s the bottom line. Because if I don’t? Guess what happens? That’s right! You don’t pay me the following year, so my goal is to over deliver my knowledge, expertise and make my service worth it YEAR in and YEAR out. Plus I take customer retention very seriously, again all part of knowledge and understanding.

 So there should be NO MORE EXCUSES! And to reward you for reading through to the VERY END of this webpage I just knocked 25% off the price, and your $749/year price is LOCKED IN until you decide to cancel, it will NEVER GO UP!!!!

Virtual IT $999/year Only $749/year

24/7 365 UNLIMITED Skype & email Access for even the most trivial of website or marketing questions.






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